Outdoors University - Online Resources for Outdoors Learning

Outdoors University© is a collaborative educational institution using the Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement (GLOBE)© model of global collaboration and creative ideas to enhance learning outside the classroom.
The center of collaborative learning is the Outdoors University Blog. Learning moments and activities outside the classroom. Resources for outdoors learners is provided by outdoors enthusiasts. They are volunteers Content Creators, Curators, and Collaborators. The university is outdoors. Outdoors University is collaborative learning and social media learning. Everybody learn from each other using GLOBE Global Learning Opportunities Building Engagement. Outdoors University is a global educational project of Global Learning News©.
We are updating our group of content curators and collaborators with former professors, travelers, photographers, scouts, and outdoors enthusiasts. The focus of this initiative is to integrate outdoors knowledge from collaborators under one platform. Collaborative learning in action. No courses, no classes. We all learn from each other. Collaborators provide consistent topics, and audience select their topics using blog categories. Simple online learning. Curated content can be added to online courses.
Outdoors University is an innovative learning concept where students and professors engage in common exchange of ideas and knowledge. It is a life university where outdoors learning complement formal education.
Global Learning News© is a volunteers’ news and educational media organization that uses social media learning opportunities, Social Media Slides©, InstagramFB and Flickr photo albums, and public photo albums from global travelers and outdoors’ enthusiasts in different disciplines. Content is used in management, systems, environmental, leadership, and social courses in colleges and universities. Global Outdoors Learning Adventures and Outdoors University complement indoors learning.

Link: www.outdoorsuniversity.com